The Goddess Gift Set


The set is the ultimate gift for Mom with a 1.5 oz delicious and harmonizing herbal tea, a fashionably healing goddess bracelet, and an all natural bath bomb. Everything is handcrafted with love.

Choose from Happy Mama, Indulge or Xena Herbal Teas

Choose from Persephone, Demetre, Hera, Athena, Artemis,or Aphrodite goddess bracelets

Choose from strawberry or grapefruit bath bombs

Happy Mama contains: organic herbal blend of oatstraw, red raspberry leaf, stinging nettles, and rose hips

Indulge contains: organic hibiscus, cacoa nibs, rose hips, and lavender

Xena contains: organic herbal blend of spearmint, lemongrass, lavender, oatstraw, mullein, and calendula

To use: put 1-2 tsp in a tea bag or ball, steep in hot water at least 5 min, and ENJOY!

Bracelets are made by Nola of Catwalk Gems –

Bath bombs are made by Rachel Rhoad –

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