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You work hard for your money, so hard for it, honey. So where is it?

This is for the ladies who often feel like there is a brick wall between them and the flow of money.

  • Discover what’s blocking the flow of money and what to do about it.
  • Change your relationship with money to have more peace and presence in your life
  • Feel grounded and less stressed

Kalusion Health & Harmony is releasing this module from the Complete Coaching Program. This is a 3 part video series targeting your ability to feel grounded and, of course, your relationship with money. Using movement, reflection, energy, mindset, and food and lifestyle tools you will burst through any obstacles blocking you.

So many woman come to me struggling in this area, and want to spend extra time on this particular module. So I am making it available to everyone as an independent program!

Here is what others have said about the program

An area I struggled with for years was money, but the changes we made gave me a completely different feeling about it. This was one of the biggest impacts of this program for me, it was really huge.
Having the chance to talk about the different issues that came up for me and getting direct feedback was so helpful.

-Teresa H, Albequerque, NM

I loved this! You are so thorough in your information and give some great ideas!  It was really great in supporting what I am learning spiritually right now about flow in my life.  Thank you! 🙂

– Regina L, Raleigh, NC

What has changed for me since beginning the program has been my relationship with money. I learned that there is more where that came from, and when I became more consistent in believing that, then there really was more where that came from! Now I don’t stress like I used to. Money always stressed me out the fastest. I still have concerns, but it’s not the elephant in the room it used to be. I feel more relaxed, and I am able to be more present because I’m not so overwhelmed with finances.

– Heidi M, Raleigh, NC

A nurturing, listening ear to your health and personal goals. Kaluwa then offers gentle encouragement with a solid plan and clear recommendations, products and information to help you achieve those goals. Even when you slide backwards in your pursuit, Kaluwa doesn’t judge and strongly encourages you not to shame yourself.

– Amy P, St. Petersburg, FL

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