The difference in 2 weeks! 


Ugh! So, I did it again – oops, I did it again, lol

I’ve completely neglected to send you an update last month, and now I have so much to say. Bear with me, I’m going to highlight 3 teas, and you’ll see why

Let me start by sharing something about me.

I’m completely sensitive – spiritually, emotionally and physically, so when I eat certain things I have a very real reaction.

Last month, I accidentally ate something with msg in it, and knew immediately. My body swells up so badly that it feels like my skin is being stretched. It’s horribly uncomfortable.

Look at these 2 pictures below

These were taken 2 WEEKS APART!!!
The thing is, I can’t control everything, nor should I try. So at times I have to eat out, and there’s a really good chance I may end up eating something that doesn’t agree with my highly sensitive system.

 This is where Teatox comes in.
As soon as I notice a reaction happening, I start steeping Teatox. Teatox is a delicious tea that gently detoxes your body. It’s a liver, kidney, blood and heavy metal detoxer, and it helps clear out the culprit so I can get back to feeling like myself.

Ok, the next one I want to highlight is something that I’ve been using a lot lately too.

It’s so funny, I have this highly sensitive system, but I still want to indulge like everyone else. So, I see all this Halloween candy getting passed around, which I ABSOLUTELY can’t eat, but then I go get myself some goodies I can have, lol. Hey, I’m human.

However, if I get out of balance with the goodies, or if I’m being proactive and maintaining balance….

Enter Sugar Buster Tea
Sugar Buster’s blend of herbs balances the sugar spikes, so you don’t end up craving more. It also, cleanses past indulgences. I especially love it this time of year when we’re going to be human and enjoy some goodies.

Lastly, but not leastly is actually the tea of the month for November.

Welcome Joyful Holiday
Joyful Holiday is a warm, indulgent blend that’s perfect for the holidays. It’s cinnamon and orange and hibiscus and cacao and rose hips – mmmmm

It actually helps balance blood sugar, so great for after all those Thanksgiving desserts

AND it’s uplifting, so fantastic when Aunt Sally is working your last nerve on Thanksgiving day, lol

Ok, I know it was a long one, but I hope you enjoyed, and found it helpful.

As always you can find the teas in the, and reach out if you have any questions or want to discuss your individual tea needs and desires.

 To Your ClariTea,
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