The Power of Plants for Women

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 As we approach Mother’s Day, I’m reflecting on my feelings in the current state of our nation.

I truly believe all women are mothers, whether they have children or not. Women are nurturers by nature, and if they don’t physically birth children, there is usually someone in their life that they nurture.

Women give the gift of Feminine Energy and truly bring magic to the world.

I also believe it’s the right of every woman to choose how she share her magic, whether it be as a human Mom, a dog Mom, or in whatever way that feels authentic to her.

I get frustrated when it feels like others are taking rights away from me and all of the other amazing women. 

As is my usual practice, I sit with those feelings, name them, and ask what I can do next.

For me, it’s to share some plant wisdom to empower woman to have some autonomy over your own body.

Below is a picture of Queen Anne’s Lace

Did you know that Queen Anne’s Lace has been used as far back as 2,500 years ago as a method of birth control?

It’s 90 – 100% effective, and works similar to the morning after pill (implantation inhibitor)

Plants have always empowered us, so I’m choosing to focus on empowerment

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