How ’bout some herbal enlightenment?


Gotu Kola is one of the brilliant herbs in Genius Zone Tea

and here are some of the things she does for your physical being
:• Boost cognitive function
• May help Alzheimer’s disease• Reduce anxiety and stress
• May act as antidepressant
• Improve circulation
• Helps insomnia
• Helps relieve joint pain
• Has a detox effect
This is all pretty impressive, but what’s even more impressive is that Gotu Kola is known as the “herb of enlightenment”!
This herb cleanses, nourishes, and tones the mind and nervous system, which opens up awareness and activates the crown chakra.
All of this makes it a great herb for meditation.

Another headliner in the Genius Zone blend is Ginkgo Biloba

some of the physical benefits of this herb include
:• Contains antioxidants
• Fights inflammation
• Improves circulation and heart health
• Reduces symptoms of psychiatric disorders and dementia
• Improves brain function and well being
• Reduces anxiety
• Treats depression
• Supports vision and eye health
• Helps headaches and migraines
• Improves asthma and COPD symptoms
• Reduces PMS symptoms Ginkgo Biloba symbolizes long life, enlightenment, hope, resilience, peace, love, timelessness, and magic.

These are all things I welcome a little more of in my life. How bout you?
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