Breakthrough or Bust – Episode 42, Why it doesn’t have to suck


This week’s energy is a passion of mine, and was actually the catalyst for everything I do now. You deserve this, no exceptions!

Watch the video below now

I’m having a special Winter Solstice event to celebrate & welcome the
new season!

* connect with the energy of this new season, and learn
how to flow with it to experience more ease
* identify areas to reflect on in your life to initiate
growth & transformation
* connect with a tribe that gets you with fun activities
and conversation

Join Oh Shift! Here We Grow for $10/ month or $99 for
the year to be included in all quarterly seasonal
equinox/ solstice special events

In Oh Shift! Here We Grow you also get:
* Affirmations text daily to help you stay in a high,
positive vibration.
* Weekly transformational energy updates and healing
activities to support you in your growth

Reply to learn more or join

Also, if you’re ready to not only heal and transform yourself, but also be empowered to serve others in this way. Join me in The Desire Academy. When you enroll in Dec you’ll get an extra month added to your program at no extra charge!

We’ll take advantage of the new energy coming our way in December with the Winter Solstice, and create your seasonal intentions. Then we’ll hit the ground running in January to learn and get attuned to
Reiki I.

Learn more at or reply

I👁U, I❤U, I 🐝🍁 IN U

Be Amazing,

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