No one wants to talk about it


Just because you don’t want to talk
about it, doesn’t mean it’ll go away.

No one wants to talk about Candida. It’s unpleasant.

But regularly eating refined sugars, processed grains,
and alcohol will cause an imbalance which may show
up as brain fog, bloating, yeast infections, depression,
frequent illness, and more.

The crazy thing is Candida feeds on sugar, so it makes
you crave more sugar, which makes the imbalance (and
the symptoms) worse.

So getting off the sugar coaster is like going through
withdrawal. It’s tough, and it takes more than willpower.

You can get support to reduce the cravings, but they’ll
only be temporary if you don’t cleanse the system.
Which is why Sugar Buster has dandelion in the blend.
Dandelion supports your liver to cleanse your system
while the other herbs help reduce the cravings. It’s
ideal for short and long term results.

Are you ready to break the cycle?

Another herb in this flavorful fall blend is Fenugreek seed. To me, fenugreek seed smells like
maple syrup.

It helps lower blood sugar levels, is anti-inflammatory,
helps with pain, weight loss, and hair growth, and so
much more.

Some of the spiritual and magical
properties of fenugreek seed include psychic
protection, grounding, centering, and money magic.

I can use all of these on the regular 😀

Get Sugar Buster Herbal Tea in the

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