Happy Autumn Equinox

Hey Gorgeous!

Happy Autumn Equinox!!

Enjoy this time of harvesting all of your abundance. Celebrate your successes, big and small. This will help you decide what bulbs you want to plant next (the parts that are bigger than your seeds).

If you’d like some clarity on this, It’s not too late to book an Autumn Equinox Reading and Planning Session to be in harmony with the energy of the season, so you can experience results quickly and with ease.

We’re shining the spotlight on Echinacea

I love echinacea. Look how gorgeous
she is. That purple, and that cone shape ūüėć

Echinacea is best known for boosting the immune
system, but has even more functions than that, such as
fighting infections, relieving pain, and even relieving

On the spiritual side, she brings prosperity, including in
your finances – woo hoo!

She’s part of the Get Well Blend. Get yours in the

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