You’ve got to feel to heal 💜  

Hey Gorgeous!

I’ve mentioned that February’s tea of the month, Indulge, is great for the physical health of your heart. I could share all of the great benefits of each herb, and how they’re not just great for cardiovascular health, but also stress management. Instead I’d actually like to talk more about the energetic properties of this tea, and how it helps your heart that way. However, be sure to check out my social media where I’ve been sharing info on the individual herbs if you’d like to see more about that.

This month in particular the new moon brought out some really old wounds, possibly even generational or past life traumas, and in order to heal them you have to feel them. I know I personally experienced this, and so did a lot of my community. I found that drinking Indulge daily was the exact indulgence I craved, and it was so soothing for my heart. It really helped me process old pain while feeling like I wasn’t losing sight of myself.

So, if you’ve been feeling things deeply this month, it’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with you, my love. Grab some rose quartz and steep yourself up a cup of Indulge 🙂

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