Why I am boosting businesses now

You may wonder why I am offering a business program when for so long I have been helping women achieve health and harmony.

Well, it sort of evolved. In the way I offer my services, from tea to movement to coaching, the common thread has always been to help you connect to your heart. 

From there we create clarity around your desires, and build up the confidence to make it happen in your life.

Yet it always comes back to the heart. Let’s be honest, living an authentic life isn’t always the easy road, and you have to be fully vested and passionate to brave it. Otherwise, you would just be foolish, lol.

So, in my time of helping women connect to their hearts, I have met a great many that have decided to fulfill their passions in their careers, and I wanted to help them.

 As a business owner that has been coached away from my heart, and struggled to the point of wanting to give up, I know that this can be an overwhelming albeit exciting experience. I finally found a way to stop stressing, and feeling like you could never be off the clock. Instead I used a plan, and amazingly things started to flow in the right direction.

This program will combine the holistic coaching strategies that make major impacts in your life, and combines it with simple business strategies that help you stay out of the land of overwhelm. 

I am really excited to get started next week! If you’d like to join us, we’d love to have you. If you’re feeling a little interested, reach out, and let’s talk, no pressure. All of my programs are affordable so they can be accessible to anyone who needs them. So, that elephant is already out of the room 🙂

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