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The BouTEAque has had it’s core teas for many years now – Teatox, Sugar Buster, Happy Mama, Belly Fire, 101 Sheep, Get Well, Chakra Glo, and during the holidays Joyful Holiday shows up for the season. These have all been fantastic and enjoyable teas offering lots of benefits, but now there’s a new kid on the block – Indulge!

Indulge Organic Herbal Tea

My word for the year is Indulge since it’s something that I’d really like to do more of, and this tea embodies that completely. Drinking this tea feels so blissful and indulgent as if I’m enjoying something that will have horrible effects on my health, and then I realize WAIT, this is good for me!

Seriously, what women doesn’t enjoy flowers and chocolate? What if you could indulge all of your senses in a warm mug of just that? It will not only leave you feeling amazing, but actually looking pretty amazing too!

This scrumptious blend of organic hibiscus, cacoa nibs, rose hips, and lavender blend beautifully together to make you fall in love with a cup of tea.

The focus of this tea is your heart, not only physically, but also energetically. The herbs within this blend have also been associated with benefits such as relaxation, improved mood, weight loss, energy, and reduced inflammation.

You can find Indulge and the other teas in the BouTEAque HERE

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