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Imagine a daily ritual that is both a healthy remedy and an indulgent form of self-care. Spill over this blissful feeling into the rest of your day with our organic teas and watch your life shift.

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Not sure where to start? Try one of these customer-loved organic loose leaf teas. Steep a cup daily and watch the benefits unfold.


Why Customers Love Our Teas...

Bess C.
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I always look forward to the end of the day because that's when I sit down and relax with a cup or two of your teas. Being in the tea of the month club allows me to try all of them. While I enjoy all the teas, the ChakraGlo is my go to tea when I need to feel more grounded and calm. Thanks for implementing the tea of the month.
Lyndah T.
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Kaluwa has a tea for every occasion and every purpose, you only need to call her and tell her what is going on. If she doesn't have a tea already packaged to send to you, she can mix one up promptly. When I was trying to study for a test, couldn't sleep, trying to lose weight, and the list goes on! My life is exponentially better because I know Kaluwa!
Anne G.
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I just wanted to thank you again for the gift set from herb day and let you know how amazing the Chakra glo tea is. I made a “Sun tea”/solar infusion for the ladies at my support group for domestic violence survivors. Not only were they amazed at the lovely taste but the next week all the girls said for some reason they couldn’t stop thinking about it the whole week after because of the feeling they had sipping on it and they were hoping I’d bring it again. I will be ordering some as soon as I can because the smiles in these ladies faces was priceless. There are normally tears but this tea had them smiling ear to ear.
Donna P.
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I am not a hot tea drinker. Let me rephrase that slightly, I was not a hot tea drinker until I tried Kaluwa Ghalikar’s teas. I was a coffee drinker, because I always thought that teas would not taste very well and would not be strong enough. Once I tried Clari-tea, I was hooked! I have tried and bought most of the selection that Kaluwa offers. I realized you could make them as light or strong as you needed. I LOVE that none of her teas has caffeine in them. I love the variety of teas and what each tea offers. I’ve stopped drinking coffee.
Anna C.
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I have to tell you that my Breathe Tea was a God-send while I was sick! I can't tell you how many cups I drank. It was amazing!
Sarah E.
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This is Tandy's daughter, Sarah E. My mom loved your tea so much, thank you for the samples. We had to order more and look forward to spreading the word! Thank you for offering these teas. (Tea was sent as a gift when Tandy received a diagnosis of jaw cancer for the 5th time.)

What's so special about tea?

Loose leaf tea is steeped in tradition (pun intended ;-P). All around the world, cultures celebrate tea with ceremony and consider it high art. When you pair this with the herbs’ aroma and benefits, it transforms into an indulgence that’s actually good for you.

You could get your herbs in capsule form and quickly slug them down, and you will gain benefits. But, we propose that the very act of steeping a cup of tea (about 5 min) and taking that intentional time to indulge in your well-being is the most beneficial and powerful.

Looking for a daily indulgence that heals rather than harms?

Find your favorite organic tea today so you can relax and get back into balance. Feel amazing while you drink it and for the rest of your day!

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